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The Diamond Approach

The Diamond Approach is a spiritual path based in the teachings and writings of A. H. Almaas. It is unique for our times and offers a precise method of self-realization using insights from western psychology and eastern spiritual traditions. It is a complete spiritual path that embraces everyday life experiences as the entry point for learning and self-discovery.

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Individual journey

Each person is met uniquely where they are in their present experience. As they learn to become more present and aware with that experience, many insights and understandings are revealed. They come to see, feel and understand the barriers and limitations which distance them from their inner essential nature. The barriers may take the form of certain repeated patterns of self-defeating behaviour or distorted self-perceptions leading to low self-esteem. As these patterns or barriers are understood and worked through, one’s essential nature or essence is unveiled.


Contact with essence acts as a transformative agent, infusing our consciousness with self-worth, love, joy, peace, compassion, clarity and power – and guiding unerringly to the truth. Life then takes on deeper meaning and greater enjoyment. Instead of being confined by psychological patterns and limitations we are liberated to experience a life informed by our inner essence. We learn to be fully engaged in life, while at the same time, experience ourselves being rooted deeply in our essential nature.



The Diamond Approach uses methods such as meditation, sensing, awareness practices, breathwork and movement to support the process of realizing the depth, beauty and richness of our True Nature.

Our primary practice is Inquiry, which is the open and open-ended exploration of our immediate experience to find out what is really happening, and what is real in it.

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