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I have been a student of the Diamond Approach since 1986. I helped  establish three ongoing groups in Hawaii starting in 1987. I currently lead a Diamond Approach group in Hawaii and have worked with groups in Ireland, Holland and Wales. I am also actively involved in the Ridhwan seminary-training program as a supervisor and teacher.
In 2008, I was invited to Auckland to establish the Diamond Approach New Zealand group.



I have been a student since 1998. After ten years of training in the USA, I became a teacher in 2016. My background is in theatre, and it was a series of powerful experiences during my actor training that began the inner journey for me. I later trained in breathwork with Stan Grof. When I discovered the Diamond Approach, it catalyzed a passionate moment-to-moment engagement with my experience, and with the teachings. I feel deeply grateful to have come into contact with this path. Wherever I find myself, this approach reveals it more completely, and guides me deeper. I work with groups in Australia and New Zealand, and live in Melbourne with my partner and two children. 



I have been a student of the Diamond Approach in both Europe and the USA since 1993. I returned to Australia in 1999 and have been a teacher of this path here since 2007, and in NZ since 2013. I am Australian born and live in the hills behind Byron Bay with an adopted clan and various forms of wildlife. Growing up in the Australian bush was my first connection with spirituality through the land. What I found in the Diamond Approach was spiritual teaching that perfectly suited my Western soul, a path of the mind, heart and body. It supports both my journey as a human being, living a human life as well as my soul’s journey into the Mystery. What I love about this teaching is the way it supports each person to unfold towards truth in his or her own unique way.


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I joined the Diamond Approach New Zealand teaching team in 2011 and have been a student of the Diamond Approach since 1990. I provide private sessions and small groups for students in New Zealand and provide online sessions internationally from my home on Maui. 



I was born and grew up in New Zealand.  In 1986 a journey of inner discovery centered around movement brought me to California, where I unexpectedly stayed.  A deep involvement with Sufism led me in 1994 to the Diamond Approach when one of my Sufi teachers began working with Hameed, and I knew very quickly that this work was right for me. It was such a relief to discover that my ordinary experience of myself and my life, which I had thought I should be transcending, could actually be the doorway to finding the truth and depth of who I am.  The practices of embodiment have shown me that the body is not other than soul, a living conscious presence flowing in, through and as me.  I have been teaching since 2015 and I love sharing the possibilities of this work with students, especially in my homeland.

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